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Have You Fallen Victim to a Mexico Timeshare Fraud? Receive Your Free Consultation!

It has come to the attention of Mexico Timeshare Advocate that many buyers are being victimized by signing away their right to cancel their newly purchased Mexico Timeshare Contract within the standard 5 day period allowed by Profeco and Mexican Consumer Law. It has also come to our attention that many clients are also being asked to sign a waiver that will forfeit their downpayment if indeed the client decides to cancel the purchase within the 5 day period allowed by Mexican Consumer Law. Both of the above practices are not within the Guidelines of Mexican Consumer Law and are considered underhanded business practices. Almost all clients who find themselves in the same predicament contact their credit card company only to find out that many credit card companies as of late are now siding with the merchants if the terms and conditions of the contract were clearly stated in writing, and the client signed by acknowledging such terms. It appears that it no longer matters that such terms and conditions are not in accordance with Mexican Consumer Law. Many of the same clients also Contact Profeco seeking assistance, only to find out that while Profeco can assist with contract cancellation, THEY CANNOT FORCE the Mexico Timeshare Resort to refund the downpayment, even though the terms and conditions do not fall within the guidelines of Mexican Consumer Law. Most clients at this point simply say, "There's nothing we can do now, so we might as well pay it off". AND, that is exactly what the Timeshare Resort(one practicing deceptive techniques) wants the buyer to say! Important Note: Never Give Up! Contact Us Today And Discover Your Options!

Mexico Timeshare Advocate Introduces It’s New Zero Charge Policy!

Mexico Timeshare Advocate (also known as M.T.A) an international team of timeshare advocates with over 25 years of combined timeshare experience will advocate for you at "ZERO CHARGE"(Click on link now to get further details of promotional offer). Get Assistance To Cancel Your Contract, Renegotiate Your Contract, Regain Posession Of A Traded-In Timeshare, Or Simply How To Better Understand Your Timeshare Contract at a "ZERO CHARGE" To You! The guiding aim is to serve Mexico Timeshare buyers by providing them with key industry knowledge and being a strong voice for their Mexican Consumer Rights. Our desire is to be a force for good in an industry that is mired in negative perception. The idea of forming M.T.A. came about after its creators over the last few years began to notice high dissatisfaction from buyers with how the product was being sold to them. We began to understand that dissatisfied buyers did not have a resource to lean on when in need and that many of their claims simply fell by the wayside. With M.T.A., Mexico Timeshare owners will receive help to Cancel Your Contract, Renegotiate, Regain Ownership of Traded-in Timeshare(s) and/or receive personal training that will help to Maximize Usage Value of an existing timeshare contract.

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Searching For A Profeco Consumer Protection Agency Closest To You?

Profeco, The agency that protects consumers against Timeshare Fraud has Tourist Offices throughout all of Mexico. If you are still within Mexico and in need of Assistance we recommend visiting or having your concierge contact the Profeco Office nearest you. Don't waste vacation time...

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How To Cancel Mexican Timeshare Contract At Zero Charge!

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