How To Cancel A Mexican Timeshare: Cancellation Letter-Sample!

Free Mexican Timeshare Cancellation Letter-Sample

Now that you wish to know  How To Cancel A Mexican Timeshare Contract, it is time to take the ever-important first step and craft your Mexican Timeshare Cancellation Letter. Before generating the letter let’s first understand why the cancellation letter is even needed and not just a simple email or phone call will suffice to Cancel A Mexican TimeshareA letter for cancelling a timeshare contract is a formal declaration of your intent to end all business relations with another party that you have previously entered into an agreement or contract with. Remember perception is key, so the main question you should be asking yourself is, How can I generate the letter by using the proper form and tone so that once read by the timeshare resort company they will know that I am serious, determined and knowledgable about the Mexican Timeshare Cancellation process. The bottom line is you want the resort personnel to say to themselves, “We could have problems with this client so better just refund their money.” Below you will see a Mexican Timeshare Cancellation Letter-Sample for your usage.


Sample********Mexican Timeshare Cancellation Letter*********Sample

Date: (Place date)

Re: Cancel Contract #(Place Contract Number)

To Whom it May Concern

After careful review of the agreement, I/We have decided to exercise our legal consumer right, as stated by PROFECO, to rescind contract #(place contract number)….., that was signed on……….(put date contract was signed on). We are aware of Article 56 and expect full refund of our deposit……..(write amount) within 15 days of today. I/We do not authorize you to make any additional charges to my credit card and to do so would be considered fraudulent behavior. I/We have sent notice of our decision to cancel via courier service to the following address………(write address stated in cancellation clause). I/We have also sent our request via email to………..(place email address of customer service) and have cc’d the email address of PROFECO I/We have also filled out their formal complaint form on the website (Be sure to fill out form on Profeco website,CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO FORM!)

Yours truly,

Client Name(s)



Where Should Cancellation Letter Be Sent?

The cancellation letter should be sent to the address stated in the contract under the clause that speaks in regards to cancellation of the contract. Search through the agreement and find the clause and follow the steps accordingly. The cancellation letter should be mailed via certified mail or courier service. It is VERY IMPORTANT, even CRITICAL that the receipt is saved in order to prove the date that the cancellation letter was mailed(If ever necessary).

Can I Solely Send an Email To Cancel the Mexico Timeshare Contract?

We do not recommend solely sending an email to cancel the contract. We deem that approach risky.  In our opinion, it is best to mail the document due to the legal ramifications of “mail”. Believe it or not, sometimes clients inform Mexico Timeshare Advocate that they cannot find an address in the contract to mail the letter or, that there is no cancellation clause in the contract. Other times clients tell us outright that they have signed away their cancellation rights. If that has occurred to you, contact us as soon as possible since it is evident that the resort company in question is not abiding by the agreed upon Mexico Timeshare Rules and that Deceptive Sales Techniques are at work!

Ok, I’ve Sent the Cancellation Letter….Now What?

Be sure to follow up with a phone call and email to the Customer Service Department to ensure that Cancellation Letter has been received by the proper partie(s). Make sure that reimbursement is in order for the total amount of money that was paid to the resort company. Reimbursements should be made within 15 days as per PROFECO,The Federal Consumer Protection Agency in Mexico.

What Has Now Been Accomplished By the Sending/Receiving of the Cancellation Letter?

The Timeshare Resort Company after reading and analyzing the above letter will know the following characteristics about you:

1)You are a wise, informed timeshare consumer!

2)You are aware of Mexican Consumer Law!

3)You have alerted the proper government agency as to your cancellation request!

4)You have completed the Complaint Form with PROFECO!

5)You are a determined consumer that has set up the proper foundation to legally fight your case if the timeshare resort company begins to use deceptive tactics to delay or even outright reject your cancellation request as being invalid for whatever reason they may come up with.

Very Important Note: It is understood that attempting to cancel a Mexico based timeshare for most people can be a very stressful situation, since there are many instances where the clients are not being told the correct information by the salesreps of the resort company in question. If you are reading this and you have a feeling that something is not right, please contact us via email and/or phone as soon as possible to get assistance. If you wish to have further detail about the cancellation process and everything that it entails be sure to Download the Complete Step-by-Step Guide How To Cancel Your Mexico Timeshare Free E-Report. This E-Report will explain each step in detail and will not leave anything out! Click Here to receive your download!

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Quick Review Of Some Of The Latest Timeshare Sales “Gimmicks” That May Have Been Used On You!

1)Those Free or Discounted Gifts Could End Up Costing You Bigger $$$ In The End. The Timeshare Resort companies method of marketing to prospective clients is by offering a variety of “goodies” in exchange for attendance to their timeshare “sales pitch”. Whatever the offer, just know that soon you will be in the midst of a high-pressure salesroom that wants your business RIGHT NOW! We recommend so as not to have any regrets, especially while on holiday, DON’T EVER buy a big ticket item without first doing your own research!

2)The Investment Sounds Amazing! We’ll bet you that it is exactly just that…..”Sounds Amazing”! A timeshare purchase is not an investment and is not the same as buying real Real Estate. Historically, the majority of timeshare contracts have not seen an increase in price when viewed from the perspective of the global resale timeshare marketplace.

3)Your Monthly Installments Will Only Be This Small Amount! It is a sly tactic to take the focus away from the overall larger sales price figure. It is also used to take the focus away from the larger monthly installment figure printed on the contract, which is the amount that the client will be responsible for paying in the end. Unfortunately, some salespersons present an annual rental return and/or a tax return that when taken into account reduces the monthly installment amount that is printed on the contract. It is also widely presented that the proceeds derived from the sale of an existing timeshare can be used to pay down the principal owed on the new contract. Keep in mind that in the above examples the actual performance of the weeks being rented or the timeshare being resold is not guaranteed by the resort company. What is GUARANTEED  is that the resort company will want you to pay the full price stated on your signed contract as per the agreed upon terms and conditions!

4)This Amazing Offer Is Only Good For Today! Let’s face it…nobody likes to miss out on a good deal. In fact, my best friend’s mom was such a shopper that multiple clothing stores would personally alert her to the “amazing deals” available with most new shipments that arrived to the stores. It is simply a good ol’ fashioned marketing tool that has probably worked for ages! The obvious pyschology is that the resort company knows they truly only have one real opportunity to earn your business while you are on holiday. Who knows what you may do and/or meet tomorrow! Heck, you may see a timeshare resort you like more tomorrow than the one being shown to you today, and it may even be at a lower price!

5)The Annual Maintenance Fee Is Less Than The Cost Of Renting Hotel Accomodations! To be sure that such statement is indeed true, it is necessary to add up all the costs of purchasing the timeshare AND all the costs of  annually maintaining the timeshare including  the exchange company membership. Take the total cost of timeshare purchase and divide it by the number of years that you REALISTICALLY  feel the timeshare will be used. Now take that number and add it to the annual costs of maintaining in order to get the REAL annual cost. Now that you have the real cost, it is time to price flights separately to the destination. Keep in mind that airfare will now be purchased separately. Take the new airfare quote plus the real cost of maintaining and compare that to the traditional package price of the same or similar class resort to see what is better for your pocket.

6)You Need To Upgrade To Get All The New Benefits! Heck, what timeshare business if it could would not look to reload or upgrade its clients….Not a one, all resorts if able, look to do more business with all their client database. That is not the problem. The problem is what is told to the existing member in order to persuade them to spend more money. We recommend existing owners to not be persuaded by any “Scare Tactics” or deceptive sales presentations given by the salespersons. We only recommend upgrades if a client wishes to own a larger size unit, add more weeks to the usage portfolio, and/or increase the level of luxury that is currently owned. Upgrades that simply give add more benefits are not for every client since most benefits available for the 7/8 stay go unused by the end of the week and are thus wasted in the end. We recommend at least analyzing the cost of paying the extra money as you go for these so called extra benefits to see if they are truly worth it to spend an additional upfront sum of money to upgrade. Keep in mind as well, that after upgrade is made and paid for that in most cases the maintenance fee will  increase as well so as to include the cost of the newly added benefits.

Bonus: “Deceptive Techniques” That May Have Been Used On You: Mexico Timeshare All Inclusive Resorts!

1)That You Are Buying A Residence Club! Residence Club is the new buzz word in the Mexico Timeshare Industry. It is the term used for “high-end” timeshare ownership. A “Residence Club” timeshare unit is more luxurious and is much larger when compared to the typical timeshare unit. In fact, the units can range from 2,000 to 3,000 sqare feet.

2)The Ability To Market The All Inclusive Weeks! It is all-to-common to hear clients stating that they were told that they could rent the all inclusive weeks via a 3rd party broker and make upwards of $2,000usd per week. It is extremely hard for a 3rd party broker to compete with the BIG goliath online travel agents who put together the package deals for hotels to sell and travelers to purchase. Evenmore, if you add the $2,000 dollar rental amount that supposedly goes to the client, plus the hotel,all inclusive, and airfare costs it would make the package price much more expensive than the competition. In addition, the amount of money the Big online travel agents pay to remain THE most visible on the world wide web is WAY MORE then the unknown 3rd party broker! For the 3rd party broker to truly be visible in this market would take a marketing budget equal to the Big Goliath online travel agents who handle over a over $1,000,000 dollars in business per day! Think about it!

3)The Ability To Reserve Your All Inclusive Week Anywhere/Anytime. Not even the owner of week #52 in Aspen, Colorado can be guaranteed anywhere and anytime of year and even less an all inclusive week from Mexico. Why? First, there is a ton of all inclusive inventory available in Mexico so it is not short on the supply side. Second, and most important is the mandatory all inclusive fees that must be paid per person, per day. In many cases the high mandatory all inclusive fees added to the annual maintenance fee of the timeshare owner make the week quite expensive for the resort and food quality being offered. This obstacle tends to force many families to shy away from the mandatory all inclusive resorts when looking for a timeshare exchange.

4)The Lack Of Transparency Of The Actual All Inclusive Prices. It is not uncommon to hear clients stating that upon receiving all their materials sent to them 30 to 60 days after the purchase that they come to find out that the all inclusive prices that they were quoted to them were per person and NOT PER ROOM as the salesperson stated! This is a most common all inclusive sales gimmick. In addition, it is not uncommon for the Mexico Timeshare All Inclusive Resorts to have “MULTIPLE  RESORTS” under one banner that clients can reserve into. Due to the varied resorts being of different quality, the all inclusive prices then fluctuate with some resorts being higher than others. The “gimmick” that is widely used is that the clients are quoted the low end all inclusive rate from the 4 star hotel but are shown the gorgeous 5 star hotel. Upon booking the following year they come to find out that the price for the unit they want is much, much higher than previously thought.

***Check Out Our New Blog Post: How To Cancel Mexico Timeshare All Inclusive Contracts***

**Important Note Below To Timeshare Buyer**

It is not uncommon for many Mexico Timeshare Owners to find out that they were misled 30 to 90 days after buying which puts them past the standard 5 day cancellation period. Important Note: If you have been deceived, misled, or have a clause that states that upon cancellation you will forfeit your deposit, it is important that you reach out for help, no matter how long ago the purchase was, by calling a qualified agent today at Mexico Timeshare Advocate to inform you of your rights.

Learn More About The Creators of Mexico Timeshare Advocate

The daily mission of Mexico Timeshare Advocate is to help Mexico Timeshare Owners in need. It is to provide an honest service to timeshare owners who after being decieved or misled ofter wonder who can they trust to TRULY get help with their issues resolved. In making the decision to be a performance based company first and foremost, we did that to show our customers that we put their concerns FIRST before our own! Find out more about us!

For More information on Mexico Timeshares, check out the website Mexico Timeshare Advocate. If you are in need of assistance call us today and receive your Free Consultation! Let us begin to Advocate For You!


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  2. Hello m.t.a,

    thanks for being a true advocate. we went back to the resort with the cancelation letter in hand and moved our way from receptionist, sales closer to sales director! the sales director was not happy but gave us a letter stating that we would be refunded our full downpayment in 15 days. thanks for the heads up on article 56!

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  10. We are trying to fight for our cancellation and refund. We canceled on day 5 but they are telling us they are not subject to Mexican laws (we were in Puerto Vallarta) BUT they are telling us to get a Mexican lawyer. Which is odd.

    Do they have to abide by Mexican laws when they are “based” out of either Anguilla or the Dominican Republic? Credit Card charges came from Florida.

  11. Hi, we have read the article about the new timeshare laws in florida. We are very worried that we have been seriously lied to with respect to our key west timeshare being resold for the price the salesman said it would. We were under the impression that the resort already had a buyer which is why we purchased. This has become a vacation nightmare. Any help would be appreciated, if you can.


  12. Dear Mel,

    It appears that Florida is in the lead with respect to passing legislation that will slow, if not bring to a halt, resale scams that are affecting thousands of consumers. What you have described that happened to you sounds typical of the current resale “salespitch”. Be mindful of not paying “what appears to be exorbitant upfront fees” to resell your timeshare. Price it properly which means we suggest checking other resale websites to get an idea of the range of pricing for your particular size of unit and list it with as many outfits as you possibly can. If you wish to speak further Mel, feel free to give us a call.


  13. I want to post that we contacted Profeco and they were wonderful. They spoke English so we were able to communicate and they made us feel at ease. We went back to the resort to deliver them some papers and then finally got back to vacationing. For anyone who needs help…contact Profeco.

    Good luck!

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  17. It’s been 2 months since we gave a down payment so if I call PROFECO they will help me??? I want to get this done but the company wants 30% for cancelation and some compAny ask us to pay $2,600 to help us !!!!

  18. Hello Karen,

    Profeco, The Consumer Protection Agency will for sure offer you asistance. They help out in any instance where buyers have been decieved or their consumer rights abused. Also they are a free resource so you don’t have to pay anyone!

    Always Advocating For You

  19. We just bought at an all inclusive resort and they told us that our weeks would rent for a sizeable amount of money. It’s not something we were depending on but definately something that made the purchase sound like a good overall idea. What do you think our chances are of renting the all inclusive weeks?

  20. Olivia Arellano says:

    By law, you have five business days in Mexico to cancel the contract after you have signed it. If you decide to cancel the purchase within this period, notify the developer by email and certified mail. Keep the receipt as evidence you cancelled on time. You should receive a prompt refund of all the money you have paid, without any cancelling penalties, within fifteen business days

  21. Patricia Gilbert says:

    Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims oftimeshare fraud while vacationing. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

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    Thousands of tourists, particularly us from the US, have become victims of timeshare fraud while vacationing in mexico. The slick timeshare resort salespeople represent their timeshares as financial investments, deeded properties or vacation clubs, basically whatever it takes to get us tourists to sign on the dotted line.

  25. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare make sure to be careful especially if you are asked for any upfront fees. Many times these companies say that they already have a buyer for your timeshare when in reality they don’t. Never pay upfront money to anybody!

  26. One thing ive learned over the years is you have to always be careful with timeshares most of them are scamming people in one way or the other. They got my parents sit through their presentation while on vacation and convinced them to buy into a timeshare. Im sure it wasnst that difficult because my parents are pretty naive and are not hurting for money. To make a long story short they bought into the sales pitch. They ended up getting lied to about places they could use and ended up paying all kinds of fees. It was basically just a money trap for them. These timeshare scams are absolute nightmares and i would not wish this crap on even my worst enemy!

  27. We purchased our timeshare in Cancun back in 1993. Our contract is set to end 2020 but we really want out now. We’ve never been able to afford it and have spent over $20,000 and have travelled to Cancun once since purchasing. I contacted our resort and indicated that our original contract did not have a cancellation clause. The responded by saying I am legally responsible to complete my contract but then offered me to change my contract to biannual and only have to pay maintenance fees for 2016 and 2018. Then I’d be free. Is there something I can do to get out of this or should I take them up on their offer and take what I can get? I really cannot afford to pay the high maintenance fees.

  28. We agreed to sell our timeshare as part of a swap to buy a “fractional” in PV.
    We notified the resort of our decision to cancel in 1 day. We also notified the agent who was going to sell our other timeshare, of our decision to cancel in 1 day. The timeshare resort has put our refund on hold ($21k)…saying they will refund only after our dispute with the selling agent is resolved. The selling agent insists on a $12K payment to reimburse for “loss of commission” and “title search”.
    We feel as though we’re being held hostage in PV.
    Please help. Thank you!

  29. Hi we bought a timeshare in cancun few weeks back and we only realized that it was a big mistake after 5 days, we paid partial down payment and it states at the early termination that if we dont make two monthly payments they will cancel our contract and will not refund the money we already paid as it will be a conventional penalty. Should we just wait on what will happen after two months?

  30. Hi there, I need advice. My senior fatherfell victim to a timeshare salesperson. He was not made aware of his 5 day buyers remorse protection. We have done some research into the company which has lots of outstanding complaints. He has only so far given them a downpayment. 17 days have passed and he desperately wants out of the contract. What would be the possible penalties of cancelling his contract at this point?

  31. Spoke to a rep at my cancun resort who acknowledged I’m entitled to a refund but said I had to pay $3000 for the gifts and for moving me from one resort to another….sounds very wrong. What can be done about this? I never asked to be moved, rather it was offered to me by the sales rep.

  32. We purchased a timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta in February of 2015. We have regretted it ever since. We have explored numerous companies that say they can get us out of it. Unfortunately they are in the U.S. and we are hesitant as many of them are scams. It is causing us a lot of financial grief and is very difficult for us to keep paying. We are tempted to just stop payment on our Visa. However, we do not want our credit rating affected. Any suggestions on what to do?

  33. Alejandro says:

    Been told that I bought a “RESALE” so I cannot cancel it. I Copy/pasted the email and filled out my info on it and emailed it to them. Also forwarded it to MX Consumer Protection agencies email so they they can see it too. Filled out complaint report on MX Consumer Protections agency website. And 32min later got email to come into the office to sign the cancellation papers. I also got response from MX Consumer Protection agency in English. Seems to me that you have rights in MX.

  34. I am going through something like that right now. my husband and I bought a vacation club membership in puerto penasco, 3 days after realizing all the lies we were told to makes sign the contract, we decided to submit a cancelation request. we started by calling the 800 number and they opened a case, so i got a case number and they told me to wait until they contact me back… since i don’t trust them any longer i decided to make the a letter and sent it by email and registered mail. it sounds like they wanted to make me wait to run out time…. so, i did what i though will provide me a little more peace of mine…. i just got an email from the resort saying they will cancel and refund my down payment, but i will fill out the profeco form just in case!

  35. Thank you for this post. We did exactly as advised and received our refund/cancellation. So happy we found this information online! THANK YOU!!!

  36. We bought weeks in a vacation club, selling our time share weeks in Cabo to prime alliance. We paid $17,800 for the new club and transfer fees for the timeshare sale. We had a high end resort, two weeks and were offered a 47,000 payment. We had paid 70,000 originally, so it was a las, but we would be getting rid of 2000 per year in fees and still have plenty of vacation weeks with Amadeus travel. We are supposed to get the sale completed this month. I understood our money and the 47,000 were being held in escrow. Prime alliance holdings shows a Cleveland Ohio address. We have been exchanging emails since June, keeping me updated. Don’t know if this s a scam or not… But hoping not..

  37. I went back to Cancun November 12, 2016, next morning I met with a Premier Access Agent, he went over my timeshare benefits from my previous purchase in 2007, he offered me to upgrade my Junior Executive Unit, for a One Bedroom Villa Unit for $10,490 which seemed pretty good deal plus he offered me 28 nights a year which is called mini vacations, plus I was allowed to add my sister’s name and my two grown up children names in the contract. After carefuly reviewing the Contract me and my daughter discovered that the 28 night mini vacations stay is in Hotel Rooms only (double occupancy) for 2 adults and 2 children under 16 years of age. Which did not make any good for me to upgrade and pay more money when I have no extra benefits. I am in the process of writing my letter to the resort but I do not see any sample letter for JUST CANCELING THE UPGRADE AND KEEP MY CONTRACT THE WAY IT WAS PRIOR TO THIS DUM DECISON. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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